Fire Doors

Fire doors passive fire protection

Why are fire doors important?

Fire Doors are an integral aspect of passive fire protection; fire doors that are correctly installed using the correct hardware will ensure fire, smoke and toxic fumes do not spread throughout your premises, and can can prevent further lose of life and or assets.

At crosscut carpentry we can ispent and advise you on your current door and complet a survey by a qualified professional.

In turn our clients can have the reassurance that all work carried out ensures their fire doors meet legislative standards.

Crosscut carpentry can complete a survey that will address the following part of the door set

  • 1Glazing – condition, glass type, glass condition, appropriate signage
  • Door frame – overall condition, thickness, material, fixing and installation
  • Hardware – hinge condition and operation, lock/latch operation, door closer, hold open device operation
  • Seals – overall condition, size, smoke seal condition
  • Door leaf – overall condition, edge condition, leaf thickness and door gaps

Following the survey we will advise on what doors don’t meet the current British standards, and advise on the way forward. All work carried out will be completed to the highest standers by our friendly team.

Please call us today to discuss your requirements

British standards

Installation of fire doors to BS 476 Part 22
BS 8214:2008 Code of practice for fire door assemblies
BS EN 1634-1:2008 Fire resistance and smoke control tests for door, shutter and, openable window assemblies and elements of building hardware. Fire resistance tests for doors, shutters and openable windows which is an alternative for BS 476 – 22: 1987
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